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tv   Consider This  Al Jazeera  January 26, 2014 1:00am-2:01am EST

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marcus. >> the company behind the chemical spill in west virginia has been ordered to remove their tanks. they have removed 1 million tonnes of chemicals from the plant. those are the headlines. stay tuned "america tonight" is up next.
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black box. >> it's your money... >> somebody screwed up. >> ... or is it? >> i worked to save that money and now i get nothing. >> inside the fed. on al jazeera america.
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>> evey sunday night, join us for exclusive, revealing, and suprizing talks with the most interesting people of our time. >> our journalists are the best journalists in the world.
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>> she's the first female executive editor of the new york times. >> there's no question that the editorial stance is a liberal point of view. >> the head of the paper of record goes on the record with talk to al jazeera. only on al jazeera america.
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>> and then have that money go to help the conservation efforts of all rhinos in that area? >> well, i imagine that most of the dallas safari club members are older and post reproductive. i hope the logic is not applied to them. the notion that this is a
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dangerous or problem animal is false. there's no post rhino. this is a contrivance because people don't want to nit the reality, which is they want to bring it back to bring the head and trophy back at a time when the united states is demanding all over the world that people stop killing rhinos for their horns and elephants for their tasks. it's okay to kill them for trophies, but not trinkets. what muddled moral message are we sending because rich guys from dallas want to shoot them. >> i understand your point. there is literature out there saying that some of the older males can be aggressive. rhinos have the highest mortal combat situation within a species of the mammals. there are aggressive rhinos. >> for sure. >> and there has been some success. if you look at south africa,
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they had success rehabilitating the southern white rhino. they were down to 50 animals, more than 20,000. that has been funded since the permits. >> i think that south africa is a bad xax for the safari club to invoke. more than 1,000 rhinos have been poached. that consrves program driven by the mentality of paying to kill wildlife is not working. kenya generates billions of dollars and forbids trophy hunting and sport hunning. and i must say what is the motivation of a person that wants to shoot a black rhino a several tonne anma'am. it's the equivalent of shooting a bus. >> i'm with you on that point. i don't understand it.
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i do want to get the discussion away from the motivation of a big-game hunter. >> look at the situation. the government of namibia is doing better, from what i have effort. people. >> if we look at the numbers more than 40% of the nation's land is under some sort of conservan si and that costs money. they have been successful with the mountain. >> the elephant population doubled since 1995. they have the only growing population of free-growing animals in the world. where else should be get the money then? >> the human society of the united states is doing conservation work by trying to
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urge people not to consume rhino products. credit to nam ibia is should we be selling permits for the world's most endangered annals. >> what happens when the safari club comes back and says "some guys want to shoot a mountain", if we go down the road, if these folks at the club are so interested in contributing to the program, they don't need to link it to the notion of killing an animal. that's what son servationists do every day. >> i want to get you a quick question. where do you stan on elements and their tusks. you talked about the value of rhinoceros horns and trying to fight that demand. how about elephant tusks, the
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u.s. and chinese governments seize. the counter arguments only serves to drive up the costs. i have only 30 seconds, do you think the tactic works. >> the vast majority of conservation supports the stockpiles. having a robust trade will be the denies of scarce animals in a world with millions of people and a small number who want the products for display or a potion or some other purpose. these animals are all rare. animals. >> i'ving the spectacular animals. we are all on that page. >> thank you very much for joining us tonight. every day,
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someone leaves their home searching for a better life. >> two hours in, we come upon a body. >> now, in a breakthrough television event, al jazeera america takes you beyond the debate. experience first hand the tragic journey of these migrants. >> a lot of people don't have a clue what goes on until you live near the boarder. >> six strangers with different points of view... >> i don't believe in borders. >> our government is allowing an invasion. >> ...get to experience illegal immigration, up close and personal. >> its very overwhelming to see this many people that have perished. >> a lot of families that don't know where their babies went. >> i want to make sure that her life, its remembered. >> what happens when lost lives are relived. >> the only way to find out is to see it yourselves. >> on borderland. only on al jazeera america. >> any of you guys want to come to the united states?
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>> when president obama gives a state of the union speech next tuesday he's expected to highlight an issue he's focused on for month, income inequality. >> the growing inequality is not just morally wrong, but bad economics. a good education, a home to call your own, affordable health care when you get sick, a secure retirement even when you are not rich. reducing poverty and
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inequality. that's what we need. >> it sounds great. can the president's solutions really put those goals within reach. my next guest believes president obama's solutions are, "holy naive", for more i'm joined by peter marisi at the ronald f school of business at the university of maryland. let's talk about the inequality numbers. they do seem stark and the gap has been growing for decades. according to estimates from the irs the top 1% enjoyed 22% of income, while everybody in the bottom 90% saw the total share of the income fall below 90%. a quarter of a century ago the numbers were different the the 1% income share was 15.4%. the bottom 90% of 60% of the income.
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is this a problem that the government needs to address? >> it's a problem that needs to be addressed. globalisation has a lot to do with this. an opera singer can send their voice around the world and the computer file of their voice. so their income goes up astronomically. at the same time they put local performers out of business. people listening to the digital voice of a man in new york. similarly american workers are subject to wage ash training and namely that is ordinary folks, a large number, have to compete with workers in china. they face lower wages because of that. the answer doesn't lie in redistributing income, but creating opportunities for the people at the bottom, making the academy grow faster. we need to look at what is going on at the top.
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there's a lot of concentration of economic power. it looks like a standard oil trust of the tern. maybe it's time to bust up the big banks. the bankers can't pay thms lavishly. >> paul argued that it's not really the top 1% that is the interested. one-tenth of 1%. that's where the huge disparity has been created. i don't agree. it's more like the top 5% including people like yourself. if you look at mr obama's policies. obamacare redistributes income. that's not the target audience. folks like jpmorgan don't have to pay regular income tax.
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they get stock options and the interest provisions that mitt romney used. now, we don't see what chuck schumer and brock go after the guys. they talk about them. they harvest big campaign contributions. it has to do with sacred cows that neither party to pay. >> one of the big discussions now is whether there should be an increase to the minimum wage. the president called for an increase and tying it to inflation. iowa senator put forward a bill raising that. it's the smart substantive position, the smart economic and humanitarian position, and the smart political position. i don't think there's much doubt among the democrats focussing on
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income and equality, but what about the minimum wage and the fact that it's well below in inflation-adjusted dollars. well blow. >> you asked a lot of questions at the same time. one thing, when anybody on the right or the left uses the word smart five times to make an argument, they make an abdominoanal art, asserting that it's good for you and you should do it. the real problem is why are workers making little. why won't the market provide them with money. >> the answer has something to do with immigration policies. the administration is giving a free pass to people who have not committed a crime. it pushes down wages. the structure of the agreement with china permits them to do all manner of things which steals jobs from americans. they are excused from cashon
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loading restrictions, they can pollute as much as they want. they makes labour cheap are. depriving us of factory jobs. the administration hasn't addressed those things, if they did, there would be better jobs legislation. >> what is your solution. >> it's a tough-minded trade policy, breaking up the large banks. developing oil and gas, but would create a lot of jobs in supporting industries and so forth, which we have done. if we developed strengths in america, and did the things we do well, we'd have blenty of the jobs, and it would look like the "50s and '60s. in that era america had more manufacturing jobs. american workers are put in a situation where they
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have to pollution. >> a lot to think about. >> nice to be with you. >> i'm phil torres, for techknow contributor rachelle oldmixon... >> so the first thing i have to do, i get to fill it with saliva... >> this time, it's personal. >> you can fast-forward through this part... >> it's a test that promises to predict her medical future...
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>> my health risks just loaded, and the first one would give any woman reason to pause... nobody in my family has ever been diagnosed with breast cancer... >> techknow on al jazeera america >> al jazeera america is a straight-forward news
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amount of space you have to do the kind of stories that take a long time to cover. to have the complete editorial freedom to tell these stories and do so with the adequate resources is amazing. >> the super bowl match up is
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set, but the big game has been this. >> i am the best one in the game. when you try me, that's the result you're going to get. don't you open your mouth about the best. quick. >> those comments from seattle sea hawk richard sherwin after winning the nsc championship game set off a fire storm in social media circles and the media. outraged viewers called him a thug. others rallied to see him. why were so many upset by what sherwin had to say. we are joined from silver spring maryland, by dave zyron sport editor for "the nation." great to have you on the show. sherwin admitted it was immature and wasn't a classy interview. he had just made a huge play to send his team to the super bowl
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and said he was disrespected by the receive are. why a big fuss. it. >> first and foremost it's more about the form of what he said than the content. he didn't say anything that inflammatory or political or third rail. it's not like he was giving his opinions on the israeli palestine conflict. he got up there and did things we don't see. he did not put us to sleep. i was watching the game with a die-hard plan. they had left my house. there's usually nothing to see after the game. what he did was he looked into the camera, spoke like he was in a wwe promo. then, of course, when the trolls got online, it transformed it. >> let's talk about that. there was a huge wave of the treats directed at sherwin after the rant.
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they called hum every name in the book. here is what he had to say about the worst of the responses. >> we are talking about football and a lot of people tubing it further than football. some people showed, you know, how far we have really come. in this day and age. >> much of the outright racism wasn't anonymous over a 15 second rant. did that surprise you? >> it did not surprise me. a lot of the racism has been highly coded as well. one study showed that the day after -- >> a lot was not coded. >> you could look at it in two categories, high racism and low racism. it is all of the n words and racial enny that thes that poured out. richard sherwin, a player, intelligence, had the 39 g.p.a., writes a column for "sports illustrated", and he can only be
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seen as "a thug." in one study the word thug was used in sports media the day after the game more than any other time in the last three years, directed at richard sherwin. you have to ask the question did this happen because of the colour of his skin, his attitude and the tact that he was standing next to aaron andrews. he is, of course, the very blond telegenic sideline reporter for fox sports. she handled herself very well on the sideline, yet immediately when it went to the fox news anchor team one said "wow, erin looks scird." we are looking at her now. she didn't look scared and she felt it was a good interview. he gave an interview with cnn when he said he regretted the way he did it and said. >> you catch me in a moment on
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the field when i'm in the zone, when i'm as competitive as i can be and it's not going to come out as art ik u laut and smart because on the field i'm not those things, i'm everything to be, to be a winner. >> he hedged his apology. did he need to apologise. richard sherman is a team player, a fifth round draft pick, he's going to be the defensive player. at the end of that interview he yelled out "lob." a lot didn't know what it means, it means legends of boom. the nickname for the secondary of seattle. he wants the focus off him, and to the seattle sea hawks organization to celebrate their accomplishments. >> he referenced mohammed ali and other athletes. >> i studied the mo am add ali,
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the dion sanders, the michael irvince, the old-school game more than i studied the new school game. it rubs a lot of people the wrong way, and given a true speech after a game, a true passionate speech is old school football. it's interesting that he mentioned dion sanders, a commentator, he didn't think sherman should have said things the way he did. >> i would never put mum and dion sanders in the same sentence. deanne sanders should send richard sherman a check. do you know who is a lot like ali and sherwin? peyton manning. he played a psychological game. what do people think peyton manning is doing when he says, "omaha, omaha", it's done in a different packaging, but the
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same psychological gamesmanship is happening on both sides. >> is this not the best thing that could happen. >> in a league full of players going through media training and saying nothing ever - they are never passionate, never say anything passionate or controversial, now this guy's name is everything. jamie fritz said: publicity. >> i guarantee you all this will be used against him. hopefully he can keep it up between the lines. >> he'll be on the bicker stage, we'll see what he duds. great to have you on the show. the show may be offer, but the conversation continues. or on our facebook for google+ payments.
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you can find us on check check >> mayhem at the mall - an armed man kills two people and himself. police find evidence that he had bigger plans. >> deal or no deal - protesters in the ukraine are not interested in what the president is offering. >> the wave of the future, or a short-lived trend to look at virtual currency that some say is better for business. >> there's a boot. $1,000. >> the costs


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